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Greetings from the mountain top…

Many of the 20-something, wanna-be hippie chicks who visit the mountain top proudly proclaim their aversion to all things meat (well, almost all things).  When pressed for details as to ‘why’ they usually respond with vacant stares and vacuous arguments about saving the planet, humane treatment of animals, and a healthier diet.


The truth is salad kills and vegetarians are engaged in a ruthless campaign to eliminate humans from this planet.  I, for one, will not sit idly while the murderous vegans wage a silent war against my existence.

Much like trying to find a virgin in Los Angeles, looking for logic in the vegetarian argument is futile at best.  The truth is there are a few, basic realities that must be considered when debating meat eating versus plant:

1)               All life on earth needs oxygen to survive.

2)               Plants produce nearly all of the oxygen on earth.

3)               Methane and carbon dioxide form the majority of dangerous greenhouse gases.

4)               Methane is responsible for nearly as much global warming as all other non carbon dioxide gases combined.

5)               Methane is 21 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

6)               Animal agriculture produces over 100 million tons of methane each year.


1)     Eating plants robs the earth of vital oxygen.

2)     Eating plants allows deadly methane producers (animals) to reproduce freely.

3)     Eating animals instead of plants allows for more oxygen while greatly reducing methane.

Save the earth.  Eat meat.

Peace out ya carnivorous freaks

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