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Greetings from the mountain top…

The 20-something, wanna-be hippie chicks who come to study at the feet of The Guru started a tradition many years ago (I’m not talking about the tradition of removing clothing and sitting…but, I digress) of playing a verbal game called Frustration.

The object is pretty simple–think of as many ways as possible to frustrate yourself.

What’s the point? It’s fun, for one. But also, Frustration tends to show how petty our daily annoyances are and the game has a way of liberating us from our predisposition toward negativity by pointing out the absurdity of the little things that steal our happiness.  Learn to laugh at the negative and you learn to smile at life.

Ways To Frustrate Yourself…

…look for coffee in Provo, Utah

…look for a virgin in Los Angeles

…be a eunuch and go to the whorehouse on free pussy day

…surf news channels waiting for intelligent utterings

…go to Congress and wait for something useful to occur

…look for weed at a NA meeting

…hope to find a stable relationship by searching on craigslist

…expect reality TV to produce one meaningful, poignant moment

…hope that a car with a religious bumper sticker won’t drive slow in the passing lane

…hope that someone with a coexist bumper sticker won’t look smug as you pass them on the highway

…go to a meeting of democrats and search for an open mind

…go to a meeting of republicans and find empathy

…go to a meeting of independents and find even one strain of common discourse

…listen for meaningful discussions at a strip club

…get a man to not stare at your tits at a night club

…look for a clean nose at a day care

…rev your engine to make the traffic light change color

…press the elevator button repeatedly to close the door

…expect a teenager to make sense

…wait for your parents to understand you

Peace out ya frustrated freaks

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