Greetings from the mountain top…

When not teaching, pondering, playing naked Twister with 20-something, wanna-be hippie chicks (currently from Agate), or writing The Guru enjoys watching sports.

Sports are the great equalizer and, on certain occasions, show us what is right with humanity and how we aren’t all that different despite what world leaders would have us believe.

The Little League World Series winds down this weekend, but if you get the opportunity to watch the ABC story about the team from Uganda (this was their first trip to America and to the Series) I dare you to not shed a tear.  Their story proves that we humans are, still, basically good.  The written article (which is excellent) can be found by clicking here, but it lacks the emotionalism of the video.

The Guru was doing guru-stuff in the deep South during integration and recalls watching sports bring together parents of two races by giving them a common cause and a common color (the team color).  The positive reaction of the crowd at Williamsport, PA (home of The Little League World Series) reminded me of the good that came in the south from sports and reminded me that sports, ultimately, are simply a child’s game and that children (including the child inside each of us) just want to enjoy life.

These little boys from Uganda laugh, they cry, they miss their parents, they play hard, they smile, they struggle and they want to do something special–like everyone else.  We aren’t all that different, children.  In fact, we’re pretty much alike when one takes the time to see past the surface differences.

Look for sameness, not difference, and you’ll find it in every person you meet every single day of your life.  That, ultimately, is our saving grace.

Peace out ya baseball freaks

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