Greeting from the mountain top…

Every once in a while The Guru comes across something that even he can’t begin to ponder.  Case in point, this recent news article:

Breastfeeding Dad Raises New Questions About Motherhood

Peace out ya…oh, fuck it I need a joint


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  1. judy

    Dude was a chick to begin with.

  2. Domi

    The article causes me to shake my head. I guess it was inevitable that when some women wanted to be and act like men, that some men would want to be and act like women. Getting on towards more gender reversal or gender neutrality it looks like and that sure is unappealing to me. Seems that being a standard gender is becoming distasteful for some folks.

    • The Guru is most sensitive to those who, through a quirk of nature, ended up in the wrong body and are suffering with their genetic gender.

      But pick a team, for Christ’s sake, and stick with it.

      As my favorite guru, Eddy, once said: “If you’re gonna do something get all the way in. And if you can’t get all the way then get all the way out.”

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