Greetings from the mountain top…

The guru two mountains over dropped by recently to relate an amusing/sad/ironic true story about an interaction he had while travelling by the conveyance of airplane.

The Guru has seen these airborne devices as they buzz his mountain top and finds them most annoying to meditation, quiet reflection, and outdoor sex. He would make a joke about stinger missiles enforcing a zone of silence, but somehow he thinks a federal agency might visit the boulder and The Guru is most allergic to jail; so he simply wishes peace and happiness to the entire airline industry.

My guru friend was travelling not long after the death of Steve Jobs.

Together we had read about this young man’s interesting life, and as we researched we came across a book that had shaped Steve’s journey–Remember Be Here Now. After reading this book, Steve Job’s went to India, experimented with psychedelic drugs, opened his mind, and eventually returned to make history. During an interview towards the end of his life, Steve said that the book, the journey, and the drugs all impacted his life and his work more than any other influences. “Doing LSD was one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life,” he said.

During this airplane trip, my guru friend began reading Remember Be Here Now (the book was most definitely written during an LSD trip…follow it clear-headed if you can)…it is full of Buddhist/Hindu philosophy, drug references, random nearly incoherent group hug ramblings, making love to Mother Earth quotes, and hand-drawn drug art. It is also written on something similar to a grocery store bag, so not noticing the book is very difficult.

Next to my friend was a fellow traveler who was curious about the book. The guru two mountains over explained the interest (Steve Jobs), the LSD connection, and the like. The fellow traveler was not amused, not curious, and certainly not open to learning. In fact, he seemed deeply troubled and threatened by it all, and immediately began reading his Bible.

The Guru has nothing against the Bible, Christians, or any other faith. However, he does find it most ironic…and sadly amusing…that this frightened Christian failed to see the connections between LSD, Steve Jobs, and his own faith.

This fellow was reading his Bible on an iPad.

Peace out ya pondering freaks

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