Greetings from the mountain top…

Gurus aren’t always draped in robes as they perch on a mountain top. A true guru can, and often does, appear in many different forms. It all depends on the vows one takes.

One guru who greatly affected my life was a man we shall call Eddy. A foul-mouthed, rough-edged janitor, in his outward life, Eddy taught me more than any three gurus combined. Lately, for some reason, he has been on my mind and I feel compelled to share a few Eddyisms…but only one for now.

I’ve struggled recently with my inability to reach one particular student who shall remain nameless. Try as I might, I’ve been unable to open this student’s mind to the Truth. During meditation tonight Eddy came to my rescue as he reminded me of a long forgotten lesson.

Eddy once asked if I recalled what happened in the Garden of Eden. “Even God don’t bat 1.000, kid,” he said. “Let it go.”

Peace out ya baseball freaks

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