Greetings from the mountain top…

The guru two mountains over dropped by a few mornings ago to share a piping hot cup of mountain goat tea. This batch had an interesting aroma and I suspect my guru friend substituted Lemon Thunder for my normal concoction, but as he brought an interesting scientific study along I didn’t challenge him on his brewing. At least I hope the yellow tint was Lemon Thunder, but I digress…

It seems that science has learned that the internet is a direct cause of social unrest, dissatisfaction, and madness. If that comes as any surprise then you really don’t know anything about your fellow man or yourself.

Humans are animals and animals need balance. A little bit of work, a little bit of fun, a little bit of sun, a little bit of rest, a little bit of naked Twister, a little bit of laughter…you get the idea. The internet, however, allows us to overload without respite and that’s no bueno (The Guru is learning Spanish).

Constant input of facts, figures, news, truth, untruth, opinion, noise, Noise, NOISEFUCKINGNOISEMAKEITSTOP!!!!! Can drive a person mad.

And it is.

It’s no surprise that seemingly normal individuals are snappy in greater numbers than ever. It’s no surprise that road rage is increasing, shootings happen more, social unrest is constant, or that achieving orgasm seems to take longer than ever (I’m absolutely, positively sure that it has nothing to do with my advancing age).

Unplug, children. Stop your collective hyperventilating. Not forever. An hour a day. Two if you’re feeling wild. Go outside. Sit on a boulder. Walk in the park. Play tennis. Spit on the homeless. But DO something. Turn off your brain, turn off the information, turn down the noise, and breathe.

Too much of anything, yes even sex, is bad for us humans. Even gurus.

Moderation in all things, ducky. Even moderation.

Peace out ya overloading freaks.

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