Greetings from the mountain top…

Last week a group of 20-something, wanna-be, hippie chicks from Texas (yeehaw) arrived at the mountain for an intense few days of questions, answers, naked Twister, and challenging of assumptions.

One 20-something, we shall call her Candy (not to be confused with The Guru’s favorite stripper of the same name who, once, took a ping pong ball and in a most extraordinary feat of muscle control…but I digress) spoke endlessly (so it seemed) about a wide variety of things she ‘knew’ to be true.

The Guru said nothing, but pondered deeply–is she wearing a thong underneath…I wonder if she would be open to…again, I digress.

Children, what we ‘know’ causes so many problems. Once we accept that we truly ‘know’ very little then life becomes simple and a glorious journey towards ever unfolding enlightenment. We have opinions, some of them highly informed. We have inferences and hypotheses and empirical understanding and hunches and experiences, but we have so little ‘knowledge’. Science and religion are ever-evolving, and with each evolution we realize that we are but kindergartners beginning our exploration of this magnificent universe.

We ‘know’ things…that aren’t totally true. If half of what you ‘know’was true you would run the world, but you don’t. And neither does The Guru, although he really enjoys that the hippie chicks believe he does. Sometimes it’s good to sit on the boulder.

To quote Jimmy Buffet in his wonderful song Manana , “Don’t ever forget that you just may wind up being wrong.”

Peace out ya ignorant freaks

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