Greetings from the mountain top…

We humans have an innate ability to complicated the simple, confuse what is clear, and generally fuck up a one horse parade.

So it is with our attempt to understand The Truth.

Christians call Him God, Lord, Lord God Almighty, The Light, King of Kings, Lord of the Hosts, Father, and Abba.

Jews proscribe the words Yahweh, Yahveh, Elohim, El-Shaddai, Adonai, and Jehovah.

Buddhists refer to Him as Buddha, Adi-Buhdda, Vairocana, and Dainichi Nyorai.

He is Allah, Ar-Rahman, and Ar-Raheem to Muslims.

The Great Spirit to Native Americans.

To Hindu’s He is Shangid, Shen, Bhagavan, Ishvara, Maheshvara, Parameshvara, Brahman, Para Brahman, Adi Purusha, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, and Shiva.

Sikhists will say Ed Onkar, Satnam, Waheguru, Bhagat, Hari, Govinda, and Bhagavan.

Chinese religions use the names Shangdi, Shen, Zhu, Tian Zhu, Tian, and Tengri.

Classical antiquity applies the titles Aten, Ra, Deus, and Mithras. Other religions use designations such as Bahais, Haile Selassie, Xwede, Abraxas, Cao Dai, Tenri-O-Mikoto, Tenchi-Kane-no-Kami, Mioya-Ookami, El Cantare, and Ahura Mazda.

Atheists call Him nonexistent and Agnostics…well…they remind me of people who return from a weekend in Vegas bragging of having lost no money, neglecting to mention they never placed a bet.

So many names. Yet, as The Guru has learned from countless lifetimes, there is only one Supreme Truth and that Supreme Truth encompasses every name ever given.

Impossible you say? The only Supreme Being is the one YOU believe in? Challenge that assertion by thinking of your own life.

Who are you?

First, you refer to yourself by your name–The Guru, for instance.

Who are you to others?

To your sons and daughters you are Mom or Dad. (At least when they like you or want something). They may also refer to you as fatty, balding man, old person, loser, chauffeur, banker, , and a few things grumbled unintelligibly when angry.

If you’ve been divorced you were petitioner or defendant, asshole to the ex, client to your attorney, and Mr. or Mrs. X to the judge.

You’re also known as brother/sister, daughter/son, friend, enemy, jerk when you cut someone off in traffic, neighbor, someone a person slept with, idiot, boss, employee, former employee, husband, wife, ex-wife, ex-husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, tenant, homeowner, customer, client, interviewee, rejected interviewee, cyber pal, or perhaps even cyber slut.

So many names, so many references, and so many levels and sides to ‘you.’ Yet, only one person. Go figure.

Call The Truth whatever you choose, the label really doesn’t matter. But realize by insisting your name is ‘the’ name you are covering only what matters and makes sense to you and your particular upbringing or beliefs. Know you are greatly limiting the Infinite in your attempt to categorize, classify, and understand that which, by its nature, cannot be fully comprehended.

None of us will ever know The Truth in its entirety any more than anyone else will ever know you in yours. Can your children ever know your as do your employers, an ex-spouse, lovers, employees, or friends? Can any of those individuals know the side of you shared only with your family?

You want a real name for the truth? Love.

Peace out ya self-limiting freaks


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  1. judy

    Oh, wise one, you forgot George Carlin’s name for god, “Invisible Man In The Sky”. It’s the biggest con game ever. We may or may not know upon our deaths what it’s all about, Alfie, but until then, I will continue to believe in myself as the creator of my destiny.

    • Sadly, child, The Guru disagrees completely with your premise. It’s no con game. Just confusion about the true nature of the game. It is a game and there are winners, losers, and a referee. Peace out ya freak

  2. yourothermotherhere

    Well said.

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