Greetings from the mountain top…

Yesterday was a day worth remembering as both the guru two mountains over and a new group of 20-something, wanna-be, hippie chicks (from Colby, Kansas, no less) converged on the mountain top for a delightful day of discussion, contemplation, teaching, meditation, ganja, and naked Twister (all rights reserved).

In between breaks (of which The Guru takes many, indulging in a delightful little bottle of energy) of entwined, naked bliss the discussion turned, of all things, to death. Now for those of you who believe discussing death a midst taut, nubile bodies to be unsavory, unusual, or a touch freakish then I strongly suggest you not attend The 53rd Annual Guru’s Come As Your Favorite Nude Pilgrim 9-day Thanksgiving Feast/Orgy/Bake Sale. THAT is where you’ll see some freaky shit, like this one time when three of 20-somethings took a turkey (basted, no less) and slide their legs around…but I digress.

My regular students know that The Guru has shaken hands with Sir Death on three separate occasions and, as a result, knows the exact thoughts most face at the end. Death is natures way of telling you to slow down, but it also serves the purpose (if you are given a reprieve) of focusing your remaining time on what is truly important rather than what culture deems to be of import.

There were only two things that bounced in The Guru’s enlightened brain as he faced Sir Death: 1) I wish I had had more fun and 2) I wish I had spent more time with those I love.

Material items didn’t even come in to consideration (you really can’t take it with you).
Status was irrelevant (who truly has status when worm dirt?).
Money, while necessary, wasn’t a thought.

Fun. Love.

It’s really why we are given this gift of existence, and it is a gift children. Elections will pass, economies will rise and fall, news headlines will be forgotten, bodies will age, and you will die. This is one game you never win–not ultimately. Sir Death is a master games man and is undefeated in the entire history of the universe.

Have fun.
Love more.
Forget all the other shit as much as possible.

Your days are yours to spend. It’s always a choice. No matter what is on the agenda, no matter what pressures you face, no matter how many lovely women sit naked in front of you and beg that you kneel down with a spatula in one hand and…but I digress.

It’s always a choice and at the end The Guru can guarantee you’ll weigh your choices against two questions:
1) Did you have enough fun?
2) Did you love enough?

Peace out ya not dying soon freak

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