Greetings from the (yawn) mountain top…

The Guru is a creature of the night. A night owl (is there any other type of owl?) I believe the kids call it.

Today The Guru had to awaken hours and hours (and hours) before the pile of 20-something, wanna be hippie chicks (currently from Greeley) on his man cave floor begin to stir.

The occasion? The Guru has been invited to teach across the seas, but since he is forever committed to remaining on his boulder (saggy buttocks firmly clinched in a desperate attempt to not crash into the ravine) he is using something called a webinar. Who knew?

Anyway…awakening early. What a most unnatural phenomena.

I blame the farmers. Freaking farmers.

Peace out ya (yawn) early rising freaks

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  1. judy

    Being an early bird myself, you are missing the best part of the day, the quiet stillness of sleeping assholes who would otherwise be on their motorcycles or in some other way disturbing my peace. There are sunrise greetings from the birds and coolness, and it is all a catalyst for pensivenness and gratitude.

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