Greetings from the mountain top…

The guru two mountains over brought a newspaper to me yesterday and I have since read it cover-to-cover, absolutely amazed at what passes for knowledge today.

One article discussed a research project by professors at prestigious universities such as Villanova who had painstakingly researched keyword information on Google, birth records, STD records, and abortion rates, over a four year period, and determined that we humans tend to have much more sex during the summer months.

What is puzzling the researchers, and what they say will require much more research, is ‘Why’?

Why? Seriously? Why do we fuck more in the summer? How do nerds reproduce? How is it possible that scientists are unaware of this basic answer?

WHY do we have more sex in the summer? I look outside my man cave as I write and see the 20-something, wanna-be, hippie chicks from Boulder lying around, enjoying the inhaled produce of Mother Nature, in their short shorts, micro minis, and bikinis.

Researcher dude…please tell The Guru you’re simply attempting to justify another multi-million dollar research project. If you don’t know that we fuck more in the summer because there is more skin out and about then you really need to get a refund on your college degree.

Men are visual creatures. Women want the attention of men. Women show skin. Men get horny. We have sex.

The Guru thinks he may hang up his robes and become a high paid researcher. He’ll ponder deep questions such as…why do I get hungry? Why does not showering make me stink? Why do orgasms feel good? Why do we ever listen to politicians. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Peace out ya skin-loving freaks

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  1. Haha, yes, your proposal makes sense, but scientists have to prove everything. More skin is almost certainly part of it, but they probably want to see if our hormone levels fluctuate based on temperature or seasons, or if it’s just due to extra vacation time.
    (I hear scientists get a lot of sex, mostly because they are less inhibited by ridiculous morals and remain single for longer, haha!)

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