Greetings from the mountain top…

The guru two mountains over shared a newspaper today (a curious, ancient, tool whereby written words are printed on to slaughtered trees in order to convey information) and The Guru noticed an article that made his mountain goat tea drinking blood boil–Penn State fans, thousands, turned out to support the football team.

How many of these fans held a vigil for the victims of the RAPES? RAPES that coaches and administration covered up.

How many of these fans contributed a single cent to child advocacy causes? (They all sure as hell had expensive Penn State jerseys).

How many of these fans said a prayer for any victim (they all sure pray for victory).

How many of these fans even thought, once, today about even one victim and what their life will be like forever? Much less the next four years?

The Guru prays for you Penn State fan–especially that your child is never raped by anyone, much less a person of trust and authority. The Guru prays that you gain perspective. The Guru prays that you gain a sense of what really matters.

The Guru prays…but he knows the answer already.

Peace out ya freaks


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  1. judy

    Guru Guy, why do you expect decency in this age of accelerated depravity? There isn’t even common courtesy anymore. People are inherently selfish and are only interested in how something affects THEM. Football has become a demigod in this country. People must have their entertainment.

    • Judy…

      The Guru, after many lifetimes, still has faith and always shall.

      Most people are good. Most people choose properly. Most people (thank you Spike Lee) Do The Right Thing. That’s what makes situations like this stand out–they are an aberration and, as such, they must be held to the light.

      Life is good and will continue on an overall positive path. Do not let the screaming minority drown out the quiet goodness of the majority.

      That said, don’t knock football…The Guru likes cheerleaders!

      Peace out ya replying freak

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