Greetings from the mountain top…

Ladies of all ages constantly write The Guru asking what is wrong with the men of the world which brings us to the lesson of today:

Men Are Not Women

It may seem obvious, but as The Guru’s Guru once taught ‘If common sense were common then people wouldn’t walk under oxen’. Yeh, it loses a bit in translation after a few centuries, but the basic message is valid. Think and know your prey.

Men do not act like women (outside of San Francisco), they do not think like women, they do not react like women (unless a mouse is loose), and they do not love like women. Because men are different.

If you’re getting your dating advice from your girlfriends here is something important to ask them: How many years have you been a man?

Men are simple creatures, truly. And as women are beautifully complex there is a tremendous opportunity for confusion. So think like a man. Men only need three things to be totally happy with a woman: feed them, take care of their children, and just have the potential for a bisexual relationship. Sadly, it’s really that simple.

Don’t expect the man to spend an hour talking about his day. He really has little to say. Don’t expect him to fuss and fret over the food. He just wants to be full. Do expect him to perk up and become amorous if you whisper in his ear that you saw a woman you’d love to kiss.

Simple, ladies, simple. Men aren’t women. Women aren’t men. And thank goodness for both of those facts.

Peace out ya female-thinking freaks

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