Greetings from the mountain top…

Gentle men, tonight the sage of sages, the seer of seers, and the provider of amazing orgasms shares more of the knowledge he has spent a lifetime (and thousands of dollars on Amazon) to acquire about the gender of female and how to make her want you. She WANTS to want you, but dude…you get in your own way so often.

Today’s Lesson: Get real.

Mass media would have you believe that, in order to get women, you must be 6’2, have six-pack abs (in only 30 easy days…uh huh), drive a Mercedes, and have more cash than God. Wrong bucko.

What you need is to get real. Mean, BE real. And have a hook.

What is a hook and how does it make you real? A hook is what makes YOU real. Women are attracted to so much beyond the physical and trying to be anything other than REAL is WRONG. Women are attracted to (in no particular order): intelligence, humor, being laid back, athleticism, current events, specialized fields, and so much more.

The HOOK is whatever you are GOOD at. Don’t try to be funny unless you have had sober friends who you didn’t owe money to say in specific terms: Dude, you are funny. Use what you have and ignore what you don’t. James Bond doesn’t crack jokes. Chris Rock doesn’t throw a football. Mark Sanchez doesn’t spout out facts. Be real, but be consistently real. And have confidence that whatever you are good at will have an audience…when you are confident. Yes, that was meant to be circular Mr Logical.

Get real. Have a hook. The media lies, the magazines lie the reality shows skew ‘reality’ to an absurd level, and TV will destroy your manhood. Be real, have some manners, and set your hook.

The Guru doesn’t have 20-something, wanna-be hippie chicks around because of his saggy buttocks, uncombed hair, unshaven face, or because he has goat tea breath. The Guru is real and has a hook: He knows everything…except what he doesn’t know.

Peace out ya real freaks

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