Greetings from the mountain top…

A 20-something hippie chick from Boulder we shall call Candy asked a most insightful question the other day as she climbed off of the puppy-pile. “Guru Dude, can dudes and chicks be just friends?” Oh, from the mouth of babes…as opposed to in….but I digress.

Chris Rock, a sage and guru in his own right, answered that question honestly and perfectly when he said that men have two types of women in their life: Women we have fucked. And women we haven’t fucked. Yet.

No, ducky, men and women cannot be just friends. Somewhere deep in our animalistic DNA one of the two, in their heart of hearts, wants to play naked Twister with the other.

That said, what a wonderful place to start a relationship–as friends. The truth is our bodies will whither, the sex drive may lessen, but friendship can and should grow stronger day by day and that is the foundation on which to build a lasting relationship. Let’s just be honest from the beginning, however, that naked Twister is the ultimate wish.

Peace out ya Harry Met Sally freaks

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