Greetings from the mountain top…

A 20-something, wanna-be hippie chick from Boulder we shall call Candy (not to be confused with The Guru’s favorite stripper of the same name) was deep in meditation recently when she paused to ask a considered question: “Guru Dude, why come we stop playing dress up and pretend once we get all growed?”  The girl has a way with words.

Being someone we are not, for a brief period of time at least and not when we’re in witness protection, is crucial to a healthy psyche as much as a healthy sex life.  Escape along with needed releases from our inhibitions, cultural stereotypes, and hangups gives respite from the limitations and constraints of our daily world.  This is even more important in sexuality where not thinking is crucial.

Fantasy exists so that we may experience that which is not real. Role play exists so that we may walk a mile in the thong of another before returning to our daily tighty whiteys.

A study came to The Guru’s attention a while back that showed the average couple reaches the full extent of their sexual experimentation within the first six months of a relationship. After that fear of losing the relationship stops the fantasies and the role plays and we settle in to routine.  The fear of being judged reaches a point where the psychic libido is dampered and sharing of our darker nature ceases.  One brick in the wall between a couple gets laid.

Children understand naturally what we adults find difficult to fathom–sometimes it’s pretty sweet to be someone else.

Don’t get all growed.  Play sometime.  Dress up.  Be someone you aren’t. Dare to be silly and kinky and perverted and not you.  You’ll still be there when it’s all over.

Peace out ya plaid skirt wearing freaks

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