Greetings from the mountain top…

Random ponderings…

If a right handed man masturbates with his left hand is he cheating on himself?

If a woman fucks an ugly man with the lights off does he still repulse her?

How fast is the speed at which a man can orgasm and lose all interest in his partner?

How many times can a woman have sex with a man, without strings, before strings develop?

If one is into spanking, and receives a severe one, do they then have a free pass to break a rule?

If the world’s ugliest man gave the world’s best head does his appearance improve?

At what point does stop become go and go become stop?

Why can a woman suck a man’s cock but get disgusted if she has to use his toothbrush?

Peace out ya wondering freaks

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Filed under Dating, Philosophy, Sexuality

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