Greetings from the mountain top…

The Guru is often asked what he spends his time pondering.  My wisdom is typically only shared after due consideration (or crossing the threshold for acceptable commune with Mother Nature), but exceptions can be made…

…If one could live forever, happily, with the most attractive person possible (who was a horrible lover) OR live forever with the most amazing lover (who was horribly unattractive), which would be the wiser choice?

…If one could only have oral knowledge or intercourse, forever, what would be ideal?

…A life of unimaginable love, with absolutely no physical interaction or a life of unimaginable sexual satisfaction, with absolutely no love?

…A series of true, passionate intense love affairs none of which last longer than a year or life of no love at all?

…Three 20-something, wanna-be hippie chicks from Boulder every night or five?

…To cave in and finally accept the proposal from Playgirl to do a fully nude layout or continue to maintain my distance from all such offerings?

…Is being a Cougar more acceptable than being a dirty old man? Or worse?

…Why women are so drawn to men who are truly sexually dominant and why so few men are comfortable in that role?

The life of a guru is a busy one and important.  These questions, and many others, fill The Gurus time when not reassuring the 20-something girls from Boulder that being naked in a puppy pile is not only the natural order of things, but it leads to enlightenment.  Whose enlightenment remains to be seen.

Peace out you curious freaks

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