Hello from the mountain top….

The internet. It allows me to avoid retail stores, fornicating midgets and masturbating nuns, and a few things that are disturbing. Some days it’s entertaining and thought-provoking, but most days I just find it disappointing and sad. Sort of like the Rockies or the Kardashians or sugar free Popsicles.

The question for tonight…

Has the internet freed us sexually or greatly limited us?

Do we now have more options, more choices, an ability to reach farther and deeper and scratch every sexual itch or have the gates of choice been thrown so far open as to ensure we’ll never be satisfied because we always wonder if something a little better is around the corner. Someone a bit hotter. Someone a bit kinkier. Someone…more.

And has that made us all…less?

The monsoons have made my mountain top perch a bit slippery so I have to leave earlier than usual to return to my man cave, but do reply and do engage and together (perhaps) we shall eventually figure out this thing called life. Unless we all die first from excessive, internet porn motivated masturbatory marathons.

Sleep well fellow freaks.

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Filed under Philosophy, Sexuality

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