Greetings from the mountain top…

Every generation has their sexual taboo–the thing that separates them from the prior generation and ‘the’ activity designed to shock everyone.

When The Guru was younger touching a woman’s hand without a chaperon was scandalous.  The Guru two mountains over has mentioned how getting a blowjob as a teenager was a cause celeb and reason enough to make the high school year book.  Two generations ago it was anal sex…going Caligula was the new land of of the unknown.  Most recently giggling high school girls kissed a girl and they liked it.  Everyone was suddenly bisexual.

So what is an angst-filled teen to do to shock the work in a time where nearly everything has been done?  Very few taboos exist in the age of the internet, but one remained.  Age differences.

In times past older men bedded younger women and they were called perverts, pigs, and freaks.  The Guru calls them damn freaking lucky, and to the hordes of 20-something, wanna-be, Boulder hippie chicks who make the arduous trek to the mountain top he calls it the natural order of things and nothing to be questioned so why don’t you take off your top cutie…But I digress.

Along came some clever, young-body-chasing ad executive with a clever idea.  Make sex with the young ‘in’.  And, like NFL football (remember when women bitched and moaned and withheld sex when their man watched games all weekend?), you make it ‘in’ by appealing to the audience in greatest opposition–women.

Women are a savvy group, but they also love feeling special as any good guru can attest.

Package the perverted, piggish, freakish behavior in a cute, endearing term (cougar), empower them (it’s okay to bed young men…hell, it’s your RIGHT), and turn it loose.  Voila.  Freedom.

Men may be perverts, pigs, and freaks but they’re also a bright bunch when it comes to getting sex (they buy diamonds and pretend to care what happens on reality TV, don’t they?).  Cougars are in, so bedding younger women can no longer be frowned upon, and the last taboo has fallen.  Until the next one is created.

Guru loving anyone?

Until next time….peace out ya freaks

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